Our Story

Breck’s mission is helping you achieve your goals by executing ideas, communicating effectively, and measuring success.

At Breck, you’ll find we’re a different kind of team.

We serve as trusted advisors focused on mission-critical projects for Federal government and private sector clients. We are thought leaders specializing in complementary and overlapping disciplines. Our backbone is information and communications, core strengths we combine to deliver top-quality services and products: management consulting, strategic planning, digital and traditional marketing, outreach, social media, and public relations. By designing for the way people think and interact, we build and communicate programs that motivate thoughtful action.

Whether architecting solutions, communicating complex ideas through innovative graphic and web design, or streamlining daily business operations, our mission-driven team is dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We work collaboratively to unlock key insights and build strategic solutions as cost effectively as possible for both the short and long term.

Our Clients

Breck’s clients range from Federal agencies to large corporations and small businesses, including startups. Our approach to serving our clients is not one size fits all. Everything we do—how we assign work, determine project scope, choose our methods, and set our deadlines—adjusts to our individual clients and their goals, while our commitment to quality, accuracy, and detail remains at a high standard.

Our Team

Breck hires smart, talented people who enjoy being challenged. A flexible, creative work environment attracts top talent driven by entrepreneurial spirit. At the same time, our modern management approach relies upon a core set of corporate principles: quality assurance, internal processes, clear lines of communication, and project-based teams supported by highly-skilled leadership and support staff.

Our Innovative Approach

Breck’s cross-trained, multi-disciplinary team ensures breadth of expertise and readiness to support unexpected or sudden needs. Our diverse skills and experience across multiple fields help us understand the larger context of our clients’ projects. It’s not enough to simply follow the rules. We create and apply big-picture concepts and ideas across a wide canvas, while not losing sight of the details and hands-on, problem-solving work that bring projects to life.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We use the term “trusted advisor” to remind ourselves that our clients put their faith in our values as a company. As a client service company, Breck values our clients’ trust above all else. We safeguard their confidences and develop relationships based on integrity. We’re not simply interested in telling clients what they want to hear; we want them to succeed and reach meaningful goals.