Commercial Services

Brand Development

Building a strong brand is one of the most fundamental aspects of strategic business management. Effective branding impacts every aspect of operations, and directly improves financial performance and returns. Developing your brand is critically important: What do you offer that is unique? What sets you apart from the competition? We provide brand development, strategy, and identity for new companies and re-branding strategies as well.

  • Competitor brand analysis
  • Logo design with original artwork
  • Branding guidelines detailing fonts, colors, and logo usage
  • Company messaging
  • Taglines
  • Stationery design
  • Marketing collateral design packages

Brand Identity

What do you offer that others don’t? Identity is the compass for an organization, providing the purpose and direction for brand. It is an expression of a company’s values and organizational culture. Identity shapes corporate initiatives and drives communications programs, and it’s worth time and energy to develop a strong one. Breck will brainstorm with you to find the messaging and imagery that:

  • Resonates with your target market and aligns with market sentiments
  • Differentiates you from competitors
  • Matches business strategy and culture

Brand Awareness

Awareness provides a sustainable advantage when competing against comparable products or services. Developing a salient brand is important beyond just name recognition. Awareness is a signal of the many factors that go into a brand, including quality, presence, reliability, and value commitment. Building brand awareness is a formidable task in the current environment where consumers are bombarded with information. Breck can help you with marketing and branding strategies that help you stand out.

  • Brand positioning and strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign development
  • Digital and print design

Brand Loyalty

Loyalty is an outcome of having a strong brand. Brand loyalty comes after awareness, when customers decide they like your product or service. Brand loyalty is created by having a brand that is trustworthy, committed to customer satisfaction, and perceived as holding value. Having customers dedicated to your brand pays dividends, literally, by increasing sales volume. Loyal customers are less sensitive to price fluctuations, and will likely stay as customers for a long time.  We provide marketing strategies that use multiple channels to build that loyalty.

  • Competitor analysis and research
  • Market research
  • Marketing strategy and campaigns

Web Design

Your website is one of your business’s most valuable assets. A solid website provides a sense of corporate legitimacy, reliability, and quality to prospective customers, immediately improving brand equity and customer confidence. Websites provide company and product information to an expanded audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and also provide the opportunity for two-way communication. Breck provides soup-to-nuts website design, development, and maintenance.

Our cross-functional team guides you through every step of the process, which begins with research and planning, and includes client input through brainstorming sessions and focus groups.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) evaluation
  • Information architecture and site maps
  • Page and template mockups for function and design
  • Content writing and coordination
  • Graphic element design and visual branding
  • Page coding
  • Testing, including for User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a necessary component for your online presence, increasing site visits and awareness levels, which in turn increase sales and revenue. Proprietary, complex search algorithms make it possible to grow search ranking. We use quantitative information to draw qualitative conclusions, recommend ways to optimize exposure, and measure the impact of those activities in the data. We perform keyword analysis and recommendations, and make other website recommendations that help you be found when potential customers are searching for you.

  • Competitive keyword analysis
  • Keyword recommendations
  • SEO auditing and recommendations
  • Social media listing optimization
  • Ongoing search rank monitoring and reporting

Web Analytics

Obtaining information on visitors to your website allows you to make better decisions about the site functionality, layout, and content. Analytics provide the ability to understand site visitor behavior, allowing you to draw insights and make strategic decisions. Analytics also allow for the measurement of progress in SEO, advertising campaigns, new content, digital marketing, social media and other areas. We can provide you with detailed reports on your website traffic, pages clicked, and actions taken.

  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Customized reports on key performance indicators and any other requested statistics: website traffic, pages clicked, actions taken, and more
  • Recommendations for improvement

Technical Development

In the ever-changing world of technology, we stay ahead of the curve and keep our clients up to date with the newest technological advances and trends. From front-end UI design strategy and development through execution, we deliver top-notch designs and engineering. Whether you want a proprietary software for use in-house, or an application to share with the world, we can take your idea from inception to execution.

  • Front-end development
  • Software and application development
  • UI/UX design

Customer Experience 

Who are your customers and users, and what are their goals when they interact with your organization? Are you making it easy for them to accomplish a task online or find the information they need? Breck performs a detailed analysis, makes User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) recommendations, and implements changes through design and technical development. We also gather insights on customer engagement using analytics to continually review how customer behavior affects messaging and business strategy.

  • User personas
  • Customer/user journey mapping
  • UX and UI testing and recommendations
  • Customer-focused design and development

Videos and Animation

Video is a powerful medium for business content. Easily shareable across platforms, videos demonstrate personality and branding, and grab the interest of viewers. Not only are videos an effective medium for reaching customers, they can be a low-cost one for businesses with the right team able to narrow focus to the key information woven into a compelling story. We create professional videos using a combination of animation, live shoots, and real product footage. We can even use a video medium to build an operational prototype of an idea before you develop it. Stronger than PowerPoint, animation design can show customers concepts before they’ve been developed using Breck’s innovative video approach.

  • Scripting
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Animation

Visual Design

One of our specialties is the integration of marketing and graphic design. We create a wide range of materials specifically tailored to the needs and branding of your organization. Where we need to incorporate photos, we source or produce imagery that conveys your message in the most compelling way.

  • Graphics
  • Photography
  • Custom illustration


Marketing strategy means pulling back and analyzing your big-picture marketing goals, your desired target audiences, the tools you’ve used in the past—and the tools you need to use now. Breck will work with you to understand your products and services, develop goals, learn about your messaging history, and understand your past challenges and successes. Then we’ll integrate it all into a strategic plan that works for your company. We’ll identify the best channels, strategies, objectives, and tactics for reaching your audience and achieving goals.

  • Market and audience research and analysis
  • Plan development
  • Channels, strategies, objectives, and tactics

Marketing Collateral

Postcards, brochures, and other collateral pieces are effective, tangible ways to extend your brand at conferences and events. Fact sheets and white papers can be downloaded from your website and serve as the centerpiece of a digital campaign. Breck is able to conceptualize, write, and design visually striking pieces that capture your essential information and your unique brand for print or digital campaigns.

  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Fact sheets
  • White papers
  • Slicks
  • Business cards

External Events

Events such as trade shows, industry conferences, roundtable talks, and smaller gatherings are opportunities to showcase your expertise and brand. Breck will identify events that make sense for your company and industry, help you prepare, and support your presence with exhibits and marketing collateral such as postcards or fact sheets.

  • Event research and coordination
  • Branded collateral
  • Event support and planning


Many factors contribute to a successful campaign, including pre-campaign planning, implementation, and feedback. We’ll help you gather information on your target market and their behavior, and goals such as increasing sales, site visits, and brand awareness, among other metrics or key performance indicators. Once we know how to reach your audience, we develop messaging and design imagery specifically crafted for them. We’ll implement your campaign in the right channels for your goals, and we’ll utilize a mix of analytical tools and methodology to then monitor performance, and adjust the campaign to maximize the return on investment (ROI) so you get the most out of your advertising budget.

  • Campaign planning, copywriting, and design
  • Strategic media buying
  • Google AdWords
  • Display advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Banner ads
  • Print advertising
  • Conversion tracking and optimization

Digital Marketing

Nearly all of your intended audience will receive messages through electronic mediums. Not utilizing these mediums effectively means not reaching these customers. We can help craft a digital marketing strategy that reaches your target audience on the channels that they use. One of the benefits of digital marketing is the ability to craft an omni-channel strategy, which utilizes multiple mediums including mobile, Web, social media, email, point of sale, and others.

In the end, marketing is about developing relationships with the customer and digital media provides that opportunity. With our help, you can develop a digital strategy that encourages dialogue with your customers and builds brand loyalty.

  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media strategies
  • Email marketing

Social Media

Active and engaging social media is necessary for success in the modern online business space. Social media use is a nearly universal behavior for consumers, and allows for two-way communication between your firm and your customers. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, we develop solutions that will fit your organization and ensure growth across multiple social media channels. Other firms may recommend or even write social media posts. We go beyond that to help you develop a comprehensive social media strategy—and provide the tools and support you need to successfully engage your audience.

  • Comprehensive social media strategies
  • Monitoring
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Influencer marketing

Project Management

Effective project management can be a firm’s greatest competitive advantage, directly decreasing project cost and turnaround while increasing efficiency, productivity, stakeholder happiness, and financial metrics such as return on investment (ROI) and operating income. Breck provides guidance, sets standards, ensures compliance, acts as a strategic partner, and manages deliverables for your team. The keys to good project management are people, processes, and tools, and we have proven resources in each area to ensure each project is expertly managed while stakeholder or customer needs are met or exceeded. Together we can build processes and provide tools best suited for your specific needs.  

  • Organizational study
  • Change management
  • Training
  • Metrics
  • Studies and analyses
  • Exercise and contingency planning
  • Project risk assessment
  • Resource management
  • Strategic leadership and budgeting
  • Meeting coordination and minutes
  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

Organizational Excellence

What is your basis of competition and your core competency? Knowing this can result in better opportunities. Is there a better way for your organization to handle changes, workflows, or procedures? Answers can result in smoother transitions, improved efficiency, and higher quality work. Breck can analyze your organization and its structures, competencies, assets, processes, and practices. We’ll document our findings and make actionable recommendations for improvements.

  • Workflows
  • Procedures and processes
  • Basis of competition
  • Management planning
  • Quality assurance

Knowledge Management 

Knowledge is an integrated approach to capturing, and learning from, institutional knowledge. The result is a more open, efficient, and innovative environment for employees, one that also fosters better customer service and more stakeholder engagement. Breck can recommend processes, strategies, and tools that help agencies identify, capture, evaluate, and share information assets on an enterprise level.

  • Document management
  • Training
  • Workflow and process improvement
  • Content architecture

Strategic Communications

Your organization needs strategic communications planning to succeed, grow, and accomplish goals. Breck has experience working with companies and organizations from the ground up, researching stakeholders, identifying goals, developing messaging, and planning specific strategies for using communications to achieve missions.

  • Stakeholder/customer research
  • Persona development
  • Focus groups
  • Analysis of current communications tools and messaging
  • Competitor analysis
  • Messaging
  • Branding
  • Strategic communications plan

Crisis Communications and Planning

Emergencies happen. Will your message make an impact? Is your organization ready to address a crisis head on? Breck can craft appropriate messaging and responses and, most importantly, develop and implement a real plan for dealing with the unexpected.

  • Crisis communications planning
  • Public relations and press releases
  • Messaging development
  • Reputation management

Solution Architecture 

Your organization needs to define and describe the architecture of an enterprise-level project or solution. Breck applies the principles of enterprise architecture to guide organizations through the business, information, and process changes necessary to execute strategies. We understand and define requirements, translate those requirements into specifications, and implement the solution.

  • Requirements gathering and documentation
  • Solution architecture plans and strategies
  • Implementation management

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning acts as the road map to and itinerary for success. It tells an organization where they are going, what they hope to achieve, how to achieve it, and if they did so successfully. Strategic planning requirements vary and depend on a variety of internal factors and the external environment. What works for one company may not be the best solution for another.

Our team utilizes several tools and methodologies to manage the strategic planning process, including the Balanced Scorecard that measures several perspectives of business operations, SWOT analysis, workshops, and others. We provide valuable objective evaluations of past and current performance and the guidance for the future you desire. Strategic planning tasks that we perform include:

  • Strategy development
  • Strategy implementation
  • Evaluation and management

Research and Analysis

External Analysis

Keeping abreast of industry trends is essential for any company wanting to remain competitive in today’s dynamic environment. Breck analyzes competitors and markets as the first step to developing a strong branding and marketing strategy. We’ll conduct competitive analysis on brands of similar size and scope of work, as well as companies they try to emulate; we typically begin the process by gathering information on a sample of direct and indirect competitors, and then researching the basis of competition, key success factors, pricing, marketing presence, and other attributes.

  • Competitive analysis on brands of similar size and scope of work
  • Research on basis of competition, key success factors, pricing, and marketing presence
  • Market analysis

Internal Analysis

Internal analysis is just as important as external analysis, and is necessary to create a robust, functional strategy. We identify key success factors, assets, competencies, and synergies that provide a basis of competition for a firm. Throughout our process, we also identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses, current or future threats, and possible future opportunities. Our internal analysis results will give you insight to inform all marketing activities, including the creation of business plans and presentations when used in conjunction with our external analyses.

  • Company strengths and weaknesses, current or future threats, and possible future opportunities
  • Key success factors, assets, competencies, and synergies
  • Plans and presentations

Research Packages

Research is necessary for businesses and organizations to make informed strategic decisions. Research projects can take many forms and cover a variety of topics, including concepts, markets, organizations, regions, and more. Our team will put together a research package that promotes your decision-making, product marketing, and business development.

  • Custom research and report packages
  • Research into policy concepts, markets, organizations, or regions
  • Comprehensive analysis to support decisions


Internal Communications Tools

When you need to get the word out internally, you have many options. Breck can make recommendations for the best way. We craft press releases, website content, social media, newsletters, emails, and printed collateral that carries your brand; we can also write boilerplate content to prepare for multiple situations.

  • Internal messaging strategies
  • Newsletters and emails
  • Social media
  • Press releases
  • Internal content architecture and management

Human Resources Plans and Policies

Recruitment is an expensive process in terms of time and money. When a candidate is finally hired, new hires need to hit the ground running. Breck creates training programs and materials to help your new employees seamlessly integrate into everyday business activities, ensuring continuity of operations. We write, edit, and manage plans and policies to support cultural and professional integration with the existing team. In addition, Breck can develop other human resources plans and manuals, including recruiting, on-boarding, benefits packages, and other areas. We have the experience to develop on-boarding manuals that will ensure recruits have smooth transitions into your workforce.

  • Compensation and benefits plans and policies documents
  • On-boarding materials
  • Training programs and materials
  • Employee manuals

Human Capital Support 

You need to realize the full potential of your workforce to build a strong, efficient organization, in terms of both structure and operations. Breck helps effectively leverage human capital, improve organizational performance, and ensure alignment among strategic goals, organizational initiatives, and staff priorities. From corporate manuals to performance improvement plans, Breck provides tools to help you grow and achieve your mission.

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational change management
  • Process improvement
  • Organizational assessment and analysis
  • Focus group and meeting facilitation and organization
  • Internal communications planning and implementation
  • Human resources materials
  • Security/confidentiality procedures
  • Employee relations
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Performance improvement plans
  • Employee relations

Security and Confidentiality Protocols

IT security is vital in today’s environment for small businesses; established, documented protocols reduce your exposure to risk from possible breaches and data loss. Breck will work with you to develop and document security policies that work for your environment. We can also assist with confidentiality protocols that protect your business, your employees, and your privacy.

  • Confidentiality documents and protocols
  • Security documents and protocols

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are an important resource for evolving organizations; they are useful tools to maintain consistency in almost any business activity. SOPs permit more efficient changes to staffing and process management, allowing new hires to easily adapt to your corporate culture. Our team can identify the steps taken in a chosen procedure, and document them into an expertly written SOP that a novice will able to understand and use.

  • Process analysis
  • Defining procedures through stakeholder meetings and interviews
  • SOP documentation

Employee Relations

Are your employees on the same page? Do they know where to find SOPs and HR information? Are new hires being acclimated to your company culture? Is excellence being recognized? We can help you craft messaging that informs while upholding your company values. We develop, design, and write internal communications such as newsletters and emails, as well as leverage social media and other tools, to transform your company into one team.

  • Internal messaging strategy
  • Newsletters and emails
  • Social media

Performance Improvement Plan

Organizations and their components, including business units, project teams, and employees, are constantly evolving and improving. Progress happens when you learn from your past experience and make adjustments to improve. This natural process involves not only tracking past and current performance, but mapping future performance expectations and indicators. Our team can create performance improvement plans for any element of an organization, with an impact that is measurable and demonstrated through improved performance.

  • Tracking past and current performance
  • Mapping future performance expectations and indicators
  • Plan creation and documentation

Corporate Plans and Manuals

Corporate policy shapes and defines nearly every aspect of a firm’s identity, objective, and operations. Policy is the guideline and rulebook to turn to when responding to internal and external events. Our management team has experience in developing and documenting policies that will help make navigating tough decisions a much simpler process.

  • Company manuals
  • Policy development and documentation
  • Internal planning documentation

Content Management

Content management goes beyond writing. How is it structured? Is it easy to find? Are there gaps? Is there a schedule? Breck understands content architecture and can provide content management and organization services that give you a bird’s-eye view of your content. At the same time, we work with you to define consistent messaging and goals for your content and your audiences.

  • Content management plans and schedules
  • Content/boilerplate libraries
  • Content workflows and processes

Proposal Support

One of our core competencies is proposal management and support. From beginning to end, we can improve proposal processes, provide quality technical writing and graphic design elements, and increase the win rate of your internal proposal team. In addition to active proposals, we can provide proposal libraries, boilerplate, and management tools that allow for rapid proposal development.

  • Win strategy
  • Pre-RFP planning and capture
  • Proposal management
  • Technical writing
  • Graphic design
  • Quality and compliance